A Note to the Reader,

I have a wall of post it notes in my office with goals, dreams, and bucket list items I want to do in my life. From singing just once in public (and get a genuine applause) to writing a book, I always have an aspiration up my sleeve. That was Aquarius.

I always thought at some point I would open a store, I don't know why, I didn't go to business school nor study anything about retail. In fact I have a degree in Creative Writing and Interior Design. Following my gut and advice from designers I knew and other business owners, I held steadfast to this dream and opened Aquarius in October of 2010. I was a jewelry maker for about 4 years before I opened Aquarius and like any entrepreneur I saw a niche in the market. There was so much untapped talent and designers out of NY, LA and other cities that I knew in the right retail environment would thrive and honestly, San Antonio women were ready for something new and different. I have kept learning about this business through hiccups and success, feedback from customers, and my own intuition.

I believe in personal style, thinking outside the box, conscious living, mixing styles like feminine and masculine or tailored and dramatic, and confidence. A confidence that comes with being yourself, trying something new, and carrying a handbag no one else has at a cocktail party. Aquarius is a curated space that delivers a visual experience with its dramatic dark teal walls and contemporary art. Like any outfit, I designed the store to be the best foundation it could be to designers from all over the world that often change seasonally so there is always something to discover and your style is evolving. Not only can you find your next favorite button down shirt for the day-to-day, you can find the best organic face serum and earrings that will take your nighttime look to the next level. Aquarius was born to be a place you can spend time in, feel inspired, and take home with you through any of our products. I’m thrilled to share my “child” with you online. I hope you enjoy Aquarius in the comfort of your homes, office, or shopping on your phone while binge watching television :)

Thank you for your support, 

Sara Jessop