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I have a wall of post it notes in my office with goals, dreams, and bucket list items I want to do in my life. From singing just once in public (and get a genuine applause) to writing a book, I always have an aspiration up my sleeve. Over ten years ago, I crossed owning a store off my bucket list.  

I opened Aquarius in October of 2010. I was a jewelry maker for about 4 years before I opened Aquarius and like any entrepreneur, I saw a niche in the market. There was so much untapped talent and designers out of NY, LA and other cities that I knew in the right retail environment would thrive in San Antonio. For ten years, I welcomed customers, new friends, old friends and family into my teal and brass contemporary space and shared new designers, local artists, clean beauty, and my passion for the unique and different product. 

After ten years of success and much joy, I decided it was time to close Aquarius. That chapter of my life and career to me felt complete and fulfilled. Covid really exposed the changing landscape of traditional retail and supported my decision that it was time to pivot and change how I was doing business, what I thought was missing from retail, and overall what needed to happen to "make retail exciting again" for the consumer. With everything at the tip of our fingertips online, the time to change was now or never. I decided to say goodbye to being a traditional fashion store, take what I've learned, listen to my gut and the mistakes I've made (inevitable in life and business) and create a life and style community for the consumer. 

The SJ is a thoughtfully curated website, brick and mortar, pop up retail, and brand offering the best of the best in home, closet, clean beauty, and gifts. It is also a platform to shop small and local by sharing local businesses, artisans, movers and shakers. Our blog component is to foster connection and conversation between myself, others in the community, and you as a reader. If 2020 taught us anything (the list could go on with lessons), it's the importance of coming SJ style :)

Sara Jessop