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Bagheera Robe


Handcrafted, eco-conscious sleepwear.  It's time to step up your loungewear and WFH uniform with our these gorgeous robes! (because pretty pajamas count as self-care, right?).

This airy robe features pockets and a matching drawstring bag.  These robes are lightweight, breathable, and soften with wash. Perfect for lounging around on an easy Sunday morning, or curling up for a cozy evening with a good book! 

Composition + Fit + Care

The Bagheera print reflects the passion and poise that the fearless leopard embodies, inspiring us to continually mirror these traits in our day-to-day and in moments of calm and reflection.

48" Long

100% Cotton Poplin with pockets and matching belt. 

Wash on delicate cycle and tumble dry low heat. 

(Model is 5'9" and is wearing a size S/M)

In Indigo

Bagheera Robe
Bagheera Robe
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