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Arctic Breeze Rescue Mask

Snow Fox Skincare

Hailed as The "SOS" Mask. These organic-cotton sheet masks for breakout-prone skin come drenched in a potent skin serum made with wakame seaweed, organic peppermint water, and aloe vera juice. Hydrates, brightens and calms skin irritations such as redness, enlarged pores, inflammation, break outs, and after sun fatigue. 

You leave it on for 20 minutes for a treatment that works beautifully, even for sensitive skin.

Pro tip: Put it in the fridge before use for a very cool hydration boost!  If there’s any leftover serum in the package you can gently pat it onto your skin when you’re finished masking.

Comes in a pack of 5 sheets

Perfect for ALL skin types. 

Arctic Breeze Rescue Mask
Arctic Breeze Rescue Mask
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