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TGI-FREAKING FRIDAY everyone! I had to psyche myself up to do another blog post, I don't know why....nerves, time commitment, writer's block. Nevertheless, I'm here in front of my laptop! Like almost everything in life, we make things 10x more complicated than they need to be and overthink WAY TOO MUCH. That being said, I was over thinking a blog topic to the point of deterrence from writing at all. Finally I said f&CK it and told myself to just be me and share a bit of myself. I always enjoy learning what other people are reading, cooking, enjoying, eating etc. we live in a world right now of influence right? If you're looking for something new here is what I'm lovin' and livin' with...


                     I've been eyeing this top from Sea NYC in store right now. The quilted detail, the puff sleeve, its fashion forward, and its black. I mean, this top and I are meant to be together.

I've been eyeing this top from Sea NYC in store since it came in...I love everything we get in at The SJ (obviously or I wouldn't be doing my job correctly) but there are few things I actually snag for myself. This top though...the quilted detail (on trend), the puff statement sleeve, it's fashion forward, and its black. It's an SJ soul sister :)

I don't start a new show often, I know the horror, but it's because when I watch TV it's to unwind and go to bed. So I watch classic favorites I don't have to think about or follow intensely. That being said, last year Jeremy discovered Truth Be Told on Apple TV for me and season 1 was AWESOME. I love crime shows and this story line is the best twist and plot turns. It was perfection and season 2 just came out! I just started and I'm pacing myself through it because when you finish a damn good show, its hard to replace it. 

My style spirit animal #pinspiration #streetstyle 

I really love this chandelier. And I really love it for our lake house. I've been looking at it for weeks which is usually how I know I need to pull the trigger on something. I'm not usually an impulse buyer or even impulsive. I think through it all. So if it haunts me, I know I should seriously consider and start shakin the money tree for any nickel, dime, or dollar bill. As I'm typing this, I'm even thinking "the entry way, put it in the entry way!"

Last memorable and insightful podcast I listened to (that wasn't a news story)...

I'm about to re-decorate and declutter our master bathroom. It's awful guys. So many products, perfumes, scattered jewelry, and just stuff that takes up space. Space we don't have much to spare. We have a double vanity but it's not a lot of counter space to house every Tom, face serum, and hoop earring. I adore Jenna Lyons and her style: fashion and interior design. Her bathroom (above and below) are my inspirations for minimal counters and unique vanity style. I read an interview with her recently where she said, "I look at every space as an area where when I look at it, it makes me smile not stressed. I think every area should be a beautiful space because it really makes life and the day to day much easier and enjoyable." True Jenna true. Bye bye clutter and counter crap. 

We just started carrying Brightland organic olive oils and vinegars at The SJ. I'm obsessed. I LOVE to cook. It really brings me joy, I didn't think I'd be that person as an adult but here I am. Ina Jessop Garden. These are made with no fillers or preservatives, fresh (not old or damaged olives from the vine), and in organic untreated soil. Also, its a female founded company and everything is made in California. USA! They're light, bright, and delicious on everything. Also who doesn't love a pretty bottle on your kitchen counter? #pictureworthy 

Temps are beginning to drop SLOWLY but nevertheless, Fall is crawling towards us here in San Antonio. What does that mean? Blazer weather hey-o! I have probably a dozen blazers. It's a problem but a good problem because they never go out of style. When I don't have a specific dress code, I'm usually BLAZ-ing through my days and nights in the Fall. This #streetstyle pic is even more on point for me because I wear aviator readers and my hair is usually up too haha. 

 On that blazer note, I pulled the trigger on this mixed style jacket this week. It's a blazer base with a nylon army green bomber jacket on top. Two jacket styles in one piece. I cannot wait! Come to mama you sexy thing :) 


Wishing You Martini Memories and French Fry Dreams, 

Sara J

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