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I've debated many topics for the first blog post of 2022: trends, new arrivals, personal events etc. and none felt quite right for some reason. Not to say at another time I won't address but for the first post, I thought maybe I formally introduce myself as this is the first full year of The SJ in business :) Many of you know me, some better than others, but many of you may not or even have a clue who I am haha. I'm the woman behind the curtain as I consider myself (though my intent this year is be a bit more present and public on our social media), the head honcho, boss lady, the bank, the buyer, the housekeeper, the peacemaker, the organizer, the brainstormer, the SJ herself. Hello! I'm Sara Jessop and on this day, my 38th birthday, here are 38 fun things about me to share. Remember those questionnaire lists you made as a kid, the favorite list? Well I thought it'd be fun to share one today, we may have many things in common :)

  • First thing I do in the morning? Wish I had more time to sleep, roll over and check my phone unfortunately (trying to stay off digital this year for an hour when I wake up, not successful so far with that goal)
  • If I could spend the day with anyone and anywhere, who and where would it be? My husband always and either Cabo or the lake on the boat with no phone or distractions. 
  • What is 1 thing I'd like to master? Spanish. I really want to learn that language. 
  • Am I a text or call person? Text always.
  • Favorite Actor? Meryl Streep
  • Favorite Book? Where the Crawdads Sing, I could re-read Eat, Prey, Love and Untamed any day. From my childhood, The Giving Tree or any Ronald Dahl. 
  • Favorite Artist? I love all art. From local artists to icons, I'm a contemporary art lover specifically. Two artists I really want to add to my collection though? Natasha Law and a self portrait by Cruz Ortiz. 
  • Favorite Band? Oh geez, like picking my favorite child. I never tire of The Eagles ever. 
  • Favorite Song? Ha again like picking a fav band BUT hands down The Boys of Summer by Don Henley and Never Tear Us Apart by INXS. I'm a music buff, I can't just have one favorite. 
  • Favorite thing to cook? I make damn good salads but that's not cooking per say so I'd have to say currently because I finally found the perfect gluten free pasta, it's pastas. 
  • Least favorite food? I'm not a big Ethiopian food person or Greek...
  • Most rewarding project in my life thus far? Hmmm...I'd have to say my time on the Blue Star Contemporary Art board. Chairing the annual Red Dot event was one of my favorite experiences. I love planning events. Also opening Aquarius at 26 yrs old and still in retail 12 years later, that's been the best and largest lessons learned and experience for me. It's been a huge ebb and flow, but at the end of the day everything between Aquarius and The SJ is who I am today and I'm eternally grateful. 
  • Favorite Lip Color? Red Carpet Red by Charlotte Tilbury or any of her glosses. I love the Pillowtalk collection. Only non clean beauty products I use is her lip colors actually. 
  • Last piece of fashion I bought? A cropped puffer jacket from Clare Vivier (an SJ favorite designer)
  • Favorite Designer? Day to day, I always like Rachel Comey, Veronica Beard, Ulla Johnson, Sea NYC, Nili Lotan, The Great, Pistola or Alex Mill jumpsuits. AYR button downs. Jennifer Fisher for jewelry, always and everyday I adore her. Mother or Slvrlake denim and my husbands jeans from high school. Lunya for the best robe and lounge wear. 
  • Must Have Skincare Product? Moisturizer. A specific product? If you can only have one product, I'd say Vintners Daughter because it addresses every skin concern. My other would be The Rich Cream by Augustinus Bader, worth the price its phenomenal. Both at The SJ. 
  • Beauty product I can't live without? Brow gel, highlighter and lip balm. 
  • Most exciting thing in my life right now? All of it! Even if my day sucks, it's little things I try to acknowledge even if it's just that my eggs were fantastic that morning. I will say I am excited about projects we're finishing at our lake house. I'm looking forward to Summers there again. 
  • Favorite Holiday? Christmas. It was Halloween forever, I still love me some spookiness, but as I've gotten older the spirit, energy and joy at Christmas is hard to beat. 
  • Best part about living in Southtown? The community is so eccentric, diverse, and full of personality. The ability to walk anywhere and hop on the river 3 blocks from our house and walk or bike to downtown, to the Missions, Pearl. Also its hard to beat being in the heart of incredible restaurants and the art scene. 
  • A country I'd like to visit? I'd love to visit Australia and New Zealand. Italy. Germany, Eastern Europe and Russia. Japan!  I better start saving money haha. 
  • Favorite TV show? Friends, Will and Grace, Sex and the City, CSI...
  • Favorite Movie? Practical Magic or Steel Magnolias
  • Favorite Restaurant? Nobu Sushi right now. El Jarro de Arturo here in SA always. 
  • Cocktail of choice? A skating cold Tito's martini with a lemon twist, slightly dirty no vermouth. Always. Just wish I could drink more than two and sound cohesive :)
  • Favorite Website? The SJ, Violet Grey, Food 52 and Goop
  • Spirit Animal? I'm either a cat because I like to be left alone and independent or I'm a Labrador, ready to please and be around people. 
  • 3 things in my handbag I can't live without? cell phone, lip balm, and wallet
  • Famous person I'd love to have coffee with? Oprah or Gloria Steinem. Hillary Clinton possibly too. Love or her hate her, she's very interesting and man what a career and life...the shit she knows too...
  • Favorite color and least favorite color? Teal is my fav, purple is my least fav. Lavender great, but purple in general no. 
  • Style inspirations? Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Wearstler, Sienna Miller, Portia de Rossi, Jenna Lyons, Taylor Thomasi Hill, and Kate Bosworth. Olivia Palermo and Keri Russell, specifically her red carpet looks. 
  • If I could switch lives with anyone for one day who would it be? Gwyneth Paltrow for sure. Especially after seeing her too die for new house in Arch Digest. I want that bathroom and kitchen :)
  • Favorite lyrics from a song? I believe there comes a time, when everything just falls in line. We live and learn from our mistakes, the deepest cuts are healed by faith...-Pat Benatar "All Fired Up"
  • Favorite item in store at The SJ right now? All of it duh. BUT what I want to take home is either new scent from Big Ass Candles or the ginger colored martini glasses...
  • Favorite person I follow on Instagram? Jennifer Fisher 
  • Favorite guilty pleasure? Pinterest and online shopping, I very rarely purchase but I can scroll and surf for hours. I just love to look and get inspired, how I often find new lines or get ideas for The SJ. 
  • Favorite thing in my house? Oooooo..right now I'm really digging a new rug we got for our living room. It is not a design or color scheme I'd gravitate towards, but I consulted my design friend, Alegra Volpe (adore her and her design eye) and I went with her recommendation. She pushed me out of my design style and I don't regret it! I just have to pick pillows now and I'm undecided haha. 
  • One great thing I believe about getting older? For me personally? Self confidence and security, I'm shedding the need to appease and give a F. I'm becoming a lot more self-assured and confident in my choices and skin and comfortable speaking up for myself. I battle being a people pleaser big time, I've made myself sick with guilt or worry honestly if I've acted in a way that wasn't what someone wanted to hear or want me to do or behave. Even saying no to a dinner because it didn't work with my schedule that week, I'll spend an evening in guilt and trying to make it up somehow. I'm learning with age to be ok with who I am and my choices. 
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