Current feelings...anyone agree?

I am in an unmotivated, close my eyes at a stoplight for rest, worn out state of being right now 😩Am I fighting an illness? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Is it dreary weather days? Possibly. Am I a bit overwhelmed with a table top full of business decisions to sort through and decide on? Definitely. Could I sleep for 24 hrs? Yes but when? And when I do have a lazy, moment to myself I feel guilty for it because I should be designing a new business venture, putting together a proposal and resume, emailing every Tom, Dick and Sally, and also running a current business. I’m also still in a quiet state of heartbreak over my beloved lab passing so I’m desperately-seeking-Susan 🎥😉for energy, motivation, confidence, sales pitches, and plan ol’ wisdom I’ve gained from 10 yrs of success and failures. My current methods for this venture includes green juice, adrenaline from exercise, journaling and often a martini. Often I just wanna cry when a wave of grief hits and I have, mostly in my car alone, before I have to be “on” 🤦🏼‍♀️ This too shall pass though and the sun comes back out 🙃❤️#instablog #rantoftheday #thanksforlistening #moodoftheday #dontmindme